1. Surprise theme
  2. Victor
  3. Victor's Father Dies
  4. School
  5. I hate Maths
  6. Bulk, Skull, and Spike
  7. The Heroic Forces
  8. Training to be a Gladiator
  9. Atlasphere Fight
  10. Evil Forces
  11. The Cinemassacre
  12. Homer Holds the Ten Commandments
  13. The Tower of Babel and the Confusion of Languages
  14. Castle Evilak
  15. Final Battle
  16. End Theme
  17. Surprise Hero (Performed By: Dragonforce, Nickelback, Nightwish, Evanescence, Rammstein, Linkin Park, TaTu, Eizo Sakamoto, Steve Orland, My Dream Evil, Endeverafter, The Last Alliance, Powerglove, Masterplan, Stan Bush, and others)


Samus sans Armure et Billy A Contre L'Abeille Beliqueuse, En La Angel Grove Parc, De Trini Kwan la Jaune Ranger (1995)

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