is a plan with Lexina & Grumble Bee. Grumble Bee to helped Lexina gets supersonic buzzing attack at Rangers in the Angel Grove Park seen from First Battle.

Lexina StarrRita's Monster - Grumble BeeLexina Loves on Grumble Bee to watched as supersonic buzzing at the rangersGrumble Bee's Ultrasonic Tones on Two Rangers (Zyu2 06 Buzz! Stinging Nuisance)


Jzapal and Grumble Bee of the Love Time of Beest (1994)

Love Time, Black Widow and Grumble BeeEdit

Black Widow and Grumble Bee

Hilary DuffEdit

Hilary Duff and Grumble Bee (1994 Music Video Style Zyu2 6)

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