Jennifer needs help with Billy, to a defeat Grumble Bee
Billy (ally with Jennifer) - plan of the Grumble Bee

Jennifer needs help with Billy, to a fight action with Grumble Bee.

Jennifer fight with Grumble BeeEdit

Jennifer (Yellow Ranger) - fight with Grumble BeeRita's creating of a plan - Grumble Bee

  • Jennifer to a fight with Grumble Bee, used the attack as...the ultrasound waves.

Grumble Bee's ultrasound waves at Jennifer & Blue RangerEdit

Jennfer cover his ears because the ultrasound waves of buzzing from Grumble Bee, with Billy
Blue Ranger cover their ears with Jennifer

Grumble Bee's Ultrasound Waves (effect as Jennifer & Billy)

Grumble Bee's sonic buzzing deafens the rangers with powerful sonic waves. Jennifer & Billy covers his ears.

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