Clover in a plan - defeat-like a plan defeat the ominous Grumble Bee (Mighty RAW Music Video We Need A Hero) - Clover styleGrumble BeeVlcsnap-2017-03-29-12h40m36s51 - i'm coming rangers, Grumble Bee's Ultrasonic Buzzing (Totally Spies! Clover style) - Zyu2 Episode 6Grumble Bee's Ultrasonic Tones on Two Rangers (Zyu2 06 Buzz! Stinging Nuisance)

  • Grumble Bee's vibrating wings could send yellow pulses of energy through the air, and his buzzing afterward was extremely irritating to the Rangers' ears through their helmets.
  • Clover must fight the Grumble Bee alone.